Beirut and Beyond

Beirut and the rest of Lebanon



2 thoughts on “Beirut and Beyond

  1. Dear John
    just read an article written by you on VOA and decided to learn more about you. We, Lebanese, appreciate those of you(foreigners in general and more specifically foreign journalists and students) that live in Lebanon and come to appreciate and love it the way we love it despite all its troubles. I’m disappointed though that most of your pics above portray poverty, desolation and destruction. i know that journalists have the tendency of reporting the “negative” because its what usually sells but Lebanon is tooooo beautiful to be portrayed in such a grim fashion. If you don’t have beautiful pics to post(;)), id be more than glad to send you some. Keep up your good work and Enjoy Lebanon a la Libanaise.


  2. Dear Lewa,
    Thanks for looking through my website, and thanks for your thoughtful message – I’m very much enjoying my time in Lebanon. I’m sorry if you feel the images portray Lebanon in a negative light – while I do cover issues that involve poverty and difficulty within Lebanon (and will continue to) I also try to be aware of the dangers of representing a place only through its difficulties and aim to go beyond that. Maybe you found out about me because of my piece on the man re-inventing the tarboosh? Hopefully that is something you’d agree is showing Lebanese dynamism and entrepreneurialism, and in the past I’ve written about the country’s growing tech industry among other things. In terms of the pictures, sometimes photographers can be guilty of focusing on the the crumbling or decrepit because it is more visually striking, and maybe I too am sometimes guilty of this, but hopefully I’d like to think that, whether my photos of Lebanon’s beaches or its cultural offerings like the new Lebanon-produced opera, I do show more than just poverty, desolation and destruction. Anyway, that said I do really appreciate the feedback and will definitely keep it in mind going forward.


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